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Our Mission

We are passionate about the way we raise our puppies. We spend a lot of time handling our puppies daily to help them become confident and socially well-rounded. While it is time-consuming and detailed, we very much enjoy following the Puppy Culture methods with our litters and encourage prospective buyers to research the benefits these early interactions have on puppies. Our breeding program has a heavy emphasis on breeding for temperaments suited for Service or Therapy. We import breeding stock from Europe to help strengthen the health of our lines, and all parents are health-tested.


We breed and sell quality Golden Retriever puppies. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond breeding, as we also offer trained puppies for sale. When it comes to our litters, special consideration is given to selecting the most suitable puppies to potentially become Service dogs, ensuring they have the right temperament, intelligence, and disposition.

At our breeding program, we place a strong emphasis on health and genetics. For all our breeding parents, we believe in Genetic Testing and Health Testing, which includes comprehensive examinations of Hips & Elbows. This commitment to thorough testing helps us maintain the health and well-being of our breeding stock and the puppies they produce.

We take immense pride in our past achievements. Many of our previous puppies have gone on to excel as Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, or devoted Emotional Support Animals, making a positive impact in the lives of their companions. It’s a testament to our dedication to producing Golden Retrievers that are not only loving family pets but also capable of performing vital roles in various service capacities.

Our Puppies

We are always here to help and love receiving updates on our Golden Retriever puppies. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about available puppies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.